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Welcome to Products on the Go®

Do you ever feel as if you just don't have enough time in the day? What about all those times you were going on vacation or a business trip and you wondered how you would be able to remember everything? Well, you've come to the right place. We here at Products on the Go® created our company with you in mind. We know that life is stressful and every bit of help you can get makes your life just a bit easier.


We currently have four collections with many more on the way. Our first collection is Little Toes on the Go™, for the busy mom and dad. Our second is Sunshine on the Go™for those who love a day at the beach, our third is Girl Power on the Go™, for the girl in your life that needs an extra sparkle, and our latest is First Class Experience on the Go™, for the jet setter in you. But don't worry, we've already packed these bags for you. All you have to do is grab one and enjoy!

Current Promotions!

The first 100 Little Toes JetPacks sold will also come with a free copy of Dr. Sharon's award winning "New Parents are People too" Book!